This is my childhood experience and continues even now. When I am calm and still, with my palms gently pressed on my eyes, I see a big light green hole with a dark green spot in its centre. What does this mean?


—rajesh, India


There is a universal experience that occurs when someone is relaxed and deep in concentration; the awareness of the inner light. This light is often seen as the spiritual eye.

When this light is seen perfectly, it takes the form of a five-pointed star set in a field of deep blue or violet light and circled by a shining ring of gold. In a state of ecstasy, the consciousness penetrates the spiritual eye and enters the inner realms.

It seems likely that you are experiencing a variation of the inner light. To help awaken a deeper experience of the spiritual eye, try experimenting with the following instructions from Meditation For Starters by Swami Kriyananda:

“In meditation, concentrate at a point midway between the eyebrows. Raise your gaze upward – not crossing the eyes, but focusing them on a point somewhat beyond the forehead at about the distance of your thumb when you hold your arm extended above you. Don’t be too exact in this matter, however. The important thing is that your attention be focused at the point between the eyebrows.”

Inner Light Meditation