Service and the spiritual path


I am 28 years old. For the last 6 years I have been struggling to get more established on the spiritual path. Right now it's a battle between spiritual life and material life where I am unable to get rid of my desires for material things. I feel very frustrated because I am neither here nor there. Please help.

—neelkanth, India


Dear friend,

The whole purpose of the spiritual path is to take us to God and to destroy our desires for the world in such a way that we become one with the calm ocean of bliss.

Finding your spiritual path and following it is important. Being with other devotees of your path is essential — Yogananda used to say, “Environment is stronger than will power.” Change your environment so it reflects the calm ocean of bliss.

Serving others, helping them, and praying for them all the time will take you out of temptations of this world. You see a larger reality when helping others. Be even minded and cheerful at all times to all people.

Bless you, Seva