Sexuality and spirituality


I am a disciple and recently I met a new companion

For the first time in my life ( I am 55 ) we have a excellent physical relationship

Why is sex supposed to be a bad practice ? Personally I feel sex as a spiritual practice.

—beatrice, france


Dear Beatrice,

It’s so much that sex itself is a “bad practice” – the relevant point is how we relate to sex and what happens to our energy and consciousness through engaging in sex. After all, sex is a natural function given to humans to ensure that we continue as a species. However it is a delusion when we become attached or become indulgent in sex.

Unfortunately it’s very easy for one’s energy and consciousness to be drawn in a downwards direction in the astral spine and into the lower chakras when one is caught in the sexual gratification that seems to be most people’s focus in having sex. In this way sex increases the ego’s grip on human nature.

The point for all of us is to find God and to release the pull of the ego. From this perspective we should view, and experience sex, as a holy endeavor that we will be able to transform, and even transcend, into the unconditional love of God. When one is able to develop calm dispassion in one’s life then it is very possible to transcend the sexual urge. On the other hand, suppression is unlikely to work and will probably lead to emotional imbalance.

Many people confuse sex with intimacy. Certainly sex can be an intimate experience. However intimacy is of the heart; sex, at best, is only an expression of that intimacy. Learn to open your heart to God’s unconditional love and then let that love finds its natural expression in your relationship, whether it be a loving glance, a tender embrace, sexual union, or a deep meditation together.

In divine friendship,