Shifting My Vision in Meditation


I have been into chanting for a year and am using your meditation techniques. I had a vision which disappeared, as there was some discomfort with the positioning of my eyeballs. I was continually wanting to shift my vision which ultimately led to the disappearance of the scene. Kindly help me out on this.

—Vagmita Dubey , India


Dear Vagmita,

It seems there are two parts to your question. Without knowing what sort of vision/scene you are seeing, it is hard to advise you about that part of your question. The path of meditation is not about seeking visions or experiences. Perhaps you could explain this to us more fully, so that we could answer you better.

However, positioning your eyes correctly while meditating and also in such a way as to avoid discomfort is very important! In Yogananda’s path, we are taught to look into the spiritual eye area, midway between your eyebrows. However, there should never be tension or eyestrain, from positioning your eyes in this way. It takes some practice, but eventually it should become a very natural thing for you to do.

When meditating, your closed eyes should remain either level (in the beginning) or a little upward, but again, with no strain! Keep your brow smooth. Keep your attention (if not your gaze) focused on the spiritual eye area.

You can imagine you are looking outward over the sea toward a rising sun or moon, or looking at a light at the top of a high mountain. Eventually your eyes will become uplifted or will be drawn upward toward the third eye area of their own accord, but this should happen completely naturally and without any pain or strain.

The more you RELAX your eyes, the more easily they will automatically lift themselves upward and remain still and fixed there, with no awkwardness or (as you have said) with a desire “…to shift my vision.”