Should I Divorce My Husband?


After dating for several years I decided to marry my boyfriend after he was on a severe accident. Even before I married I was never sure I really loved him. After a few years of marriage I have been constantly thinking about divorce, and that maybe if I do it quickly we both will still have time to find someone we love. Breaking up has always been really hard for me, and it is very hard to find the courage to do so. I have been praying for the best and lately I think I have found courage finally

—andrea, spain


Dear Andrea,

A person’s marriage vows are very sacred and a marriage should not be tossed aside lightly.

However, Paramhansa Yogananda never counseled people that divorce is an unrighteous thing to do if the couple is very unhappy together. He even gave a prayer/affirmation for you to practice (and your husband too if he is willing):

Heavenly Father, we came together in love.
Teach us to live together in love,
Or, if it is Thy will,
Teach us to part in love and understanding.

Say it often, out loud or silently, as many times a day as can you remember, but especially after you meditate. Try it for a while, maybe three to six months. If that seems too long for you to wait, then just do it for as long as you can, but keep praying, meditating, and asking for divine guidance.

If, you (or both of you) still feel you should divorce, then go forward with it. God is no tyrant. God loves us very much. We all make mistakes. So do your best and proceed as you are inwardly guided.