After we start doing meditation, what is the way to find that we are doing it correctly?

—mrudula kelkar, india


For many meditators, there will be the awareness of increased calmness or more peace. Others may realize that they have a greater sense of relaxation, not only in meditation itself but throughout the day.

Some meditators may feel more energy or be aware of qualities such as bliss, or unconditional love within themselves. Others may tune into the inner light or inner sounds (AUM) or have a more refined experience of intuitive wisdom. These are all indicators that meditation is happening in the right way.

It’s also a good practice to ask for inner guidance when you meditate; to be guided in doing the meditation techniques in the appropriate way and with the right approach.

And, it’s always a good idea to have your meditation checked periodically by someone who is more experienced in meditation. If you can do that in person that’s wonderful; if that’s not possible, you are welcome to contact Ananda Sangha India for support. Or if that’s inconvenient, please email us for possible Ananda contacts near you.

In divine friendship,


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