Kindly enlighten me on the following:

Many times I come across the suggestion that one should SIT IN STILLNESS after practicing Hong-sau, Aum, and kriya.

What is the necessity and impact of the suggested practice ?

—Thangarajumuthiah, India


Dear Thangarajumuthiah,

You have asked a very important question, and it is important to understand the importance of sitting in the stillness after the practice of the meditation techniques. Meditation has two parts: getting there and being there.

In the “getting there” stage of meditation, you use techniques to calm the mind and emotions, and internalize your awareness. Sometimes the techniques will take you even farther, into such feelings as happiness, love, or profound well-being.

Many approaches to meditation end with “getting there,” but on this path of Self-Realization, we add a period of “being there,” in which you enjoy and enhance the benefits of the techniques, by sitting in the stillness, meditation techniques set aside and being absorbed in a divine quality. Sitting in the stillness after the practice of the meditation technique, allow you to develop intuition: the soul power of knowing God.

“Getting there” is like cooking a meal; “being there” is like eating the meal — it’s the essence of true meditation.

Blessings, Nayawami Diksha

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