Sitting position for meditation


Greetings to Ananda. I have been practicing meditation for last four years. Now when I sit in meditation in morning I feel like a kind of crown on my head and my body feels like vibrating after some time. But due to pain in my leg I can’t sit for longer duration. When I used to sit for longer duration earlier a kind of experience of cold air touching me with some kind of light engulfing me I used to get. I used to sit in lotus posture earlier but now i can’t sit for longer duration.

—Rajesh Sharma, India


Dear Rajesh,

Congratulations on having a 4-year practice. That’s excellent. I’m sorry to know about the pain in your leg. Have you tried sitting positions other than lotus pose? There are other positions that might work well for you. Here is a video that can be helpful.

The uplifting sensations that you are experiencing are the sorts of things that happen for many meditators — and they can change with time. Don’t pay too much attention to them, unless they become unpleasant, which doesn’t seem to be happening for you. Be grateful for them, and let them come or not, as they will. Remain ever open to what God wants to give you.

Nayaswami Gyandev