Spiritual Life – Without the Support of Family



I sometimes miss my mediations in the evenings. Im guilty about it. I'm currently suffering from low self esteem as my relatives never considered me as their own. I dont meet their standards of materialistic life and they feel im good for nothing. Ive been meditating since a decade but I dont see any results. All I know is I love Guruji with all my heart and mind, and If my close relatives feel im no good does it mean that my spirituality is in vain? As Guruji says spirituality begins at home.

—A.P, India


Dear A.P.,

What Paramhansa Yogananda did say was environment is stronger than will power.

I can’t think that he or any other Guru said spirituality begins at home. How can this be, especially when the home doesn’t support a spiritual life?

Do contact the spiritual centers in India that revere your Guru. Spend time with them, take initiation, and above all keep meditating whenever you can.

The results of your meditation show in the fact that you are very bonded to your Guru.

Keep that bond growing stronger with each meditation. When you have that bond in your heart you can face all situations in life because the Guru is with you, helping you.

Turn to him for even though he may not be in the body, he is always a part of you and waiting for you to turn to him for help.

Give your family your love, but follow your heart, which is opened to your Guru. Again, listen to his guidance.

Joy to you,