Spiritual name


I have attended Ananda all my life and only in the past year have I really thought about and believed the teachings that are offered here. When I was younger I thought that a spiritual name from this path would be really cool. My desire for one has mostly dwindled since then, but the thought still apeals to me. People have told me that a spiritual name helps one on the path. Is that true?

—Mary, United States of America


Dear Mary,

I can give you my experience with my name, Seva. Swami Kriyananda gave me this name after I moved to Ananda in 1970. He said that Seva means service. He then said that performing service to others is what will help me to grow spiritually. Having a name that is constantly there in front of me, reminds me of the spiritual path I personally need to follow to bring me to the main goal of finding God.

I do recommend that you take a name – if you will keep remembering what the name means and follow the meaning throughout your life. Be steadfast and true to your spiritual path.

Joy to you,