What Is the Spiritual Significance of Colors of Renunciation?


Why do people need to look the same and wear blue. It seems groups always do this tibet wear orange.kundalini yogis wear white. I think that there is sonething very odd about this. thank you

—pamela, usa


Dear friend,

Thank you for your question. I hope I can clarify this for you. Far from people needing to look the same and wear the same color of clothing, wearing a particular color usually suggests that a person has made a spiritual commitment in their life.

The colors and the clothing are merely the outward expression of a deepening inner commitment to something that is very meaningful to the person wearing them.

For instance, in India the color orange has been associated with the Swami order for hundreds of years, symbolizing that an individual has made a commitment to a life of renunciation. When walking on the streets in India, you can easily spot those who are swamis by the color they wear.

In our time, Swami Kriyananda felt inspired to establish a new swami order, called the Nayaswami (or new swami) order. The color blue, a bright royal blue, is worn because it suggests calmness, kindness, and an expansion of consciousness. The Nayaswami order is “samadhi affirming” rather than life negating in its outlook and purpose.

So the colors worn can send a message of both the spiritual commitment of an individual, as well as the message of the quality of the color itself.

I hope these explanations will be helpful in providing you with a better understanding of why people do this. You can find further information about this on the website www.nayaswami.org.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Parvati