Why Do Nayaswami Wear Blue Robes?


Why do the monks and S.K.wear blue color robes instead of the traditional orange color like the monks of India.



Dear D P,

Swarmi Kriyananda in 2010 created a new monastic order – new in the sense that it encompases all who wish to renounce their egos and desires and find God. Maybe this is not considered new, but this order was developed so that the individual could go deeper into his/her spiritual life as inwardly guided. There is no organization around this, just the individual’s need to proclaim his/her love for God and to follow God’s guidance.

There are different catagories (so to speak) that a person can fit into. They include a group for single people who are testing the waters of renunciation, a group for married couples who are striving for renouncing the world and worldly pulls, and a group who feel they have the call to live for God alone. This last group are called Nayaswami. Naya means new. If married or unmarried, you can be apart of this group.

The Nayaswami would by tradition wear the orange robes, but being a new expression, Swamiji thought that the blue color better repesented the desire to go deeper, more inward, whereas the color of orange indicated a more outward energy.

Joy to you,

[You can find out more at the Nayaswami Order website. -Editor]