When I started meditating, I stopped dreaming



I realized after I started meditation, I completely stopped dreaming or if I am dreaming I no longer recall my dreams. Prior to meditation, I constantly dream every night and remember multiple dreams within one night. What do you think this could mean?

—Anna, United States


Dear Anna, Paramhansa Yogananda teaches us that most dreams come from the subconscious mind, which weaves dreams out of our memories of this and other lifetimes.

Most dreams simply are our subconscious minds meandering about among our memories and creating dream-movies to keep us entertained while we are sleeping. And they remind us also of the very important point: “Life also is a dream-drama.” A nightly dream is like a little dream within the BIG DREAM of life.

When your meditations are effective, you are not in a subconscious state. You are in or approaching superconsciousness, which is a very good thing! Perhaps your superconscious mind is dominating your sleep/dream-life now, which would be a very great blessing.

And you are right, it could be, that for whatever reasons, you are still dreaming regular subconscious dreams and just not remembering them. Many people say that they never remember any dreams — this is not unusual at all.

In any case, I’d suggest that you pray deeply about this matter and ask that you receive an answer from God and Gurus at the close of your meditations, or whenever it might come to you. The true answer will come to you eventually.