I have been meditating for 2 — 3 years, and was able to concentrate and stay calm during my meditations. However, I go deeper, I notice that something is fighting me. When I concentrate on the third eye my body jerks; sometimes the hole body shakes. What could that possibly be?

—Daniel Boland, United States


Dear Daniel,

As one’s life force or energy becomes interiorized during meditation, some people do experience sensations like the body jerking or shaking.

To answer your question “why does my body jerk during meditation?”: this is energy withdrawing from your physical body and starting to make its way up the spine. This energy rising in the body is a good thing and it just needs to be refined. We can do this by deeply relaxing our our body and mind so much that the physical body does not have to move with the energy. Keep concentrating at the third eye with devotion. In time the energy will refine itself and you will notice your body moving less.

The more refined your energy is, the more centralized it is in the spine, and the more inspiration you will feel.

This is a process and it may take some time to achieve this. It will go quicker if you keep your concentration at the spriitual eye with deep devotion and self-offering. Don’t become excited over any of the enegeries; keep your attention of the technique as much as possible.

Make sure also, that you are not doing any meditation practices that over-stimulate the chakras. One should never try to stimulate the chakra using only one’s willpower. Doing it this way can cause a tremendous amount of harm to your nervous sympton. Paramhansa Yogananda’s techniques are marvelous for drawing the life force upwards, naturally and harmoniouly.

This is because love is a central attitude we should be meditating with, and Yogananda’s techniques are very gentle, yet powerful. We just haven’t seen people who are practiceing Yogananda’s techniques have difficulties with inharmonious energy.

In divine friendship,

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