Staying in a state of absolute freedom and bliss


Dear friend,

I meditate 1.5-2 hours a day and sometimes I reach a state of absolute freedom and bliss. But it is almost like I'm thrown out of it or it is too hard to endure, in a couple of seconds I'm back with myself.

What can I do to stay in that state longer?

Thank you!

—Eva Loczi, Memphis TN


Dear Eva,

I’m very glad to hear from someone from Memphis, TN, where I was born and raised! I have not lived or visited there for many years, but it’s still my “home town” and warms my heart to think of you meditating there! Thank you for your question which is an important one! First of all, it is wonderful to hear that you have a practice of up to 2 hours a day of meditation! May you be blessed to keep your daily spiritual practices this long and strong (or longer and stronger) through the years to come.

What you are mentioning is a very common thing to happen in meditation. Certainly it has happened to me over the many years I have been meditating. At first I was very frustrated not to be able to maintain this superconscious state of bliss (absolute freedom and joy is a good description of it). I was actually very close to giving up at times. But I asked God and Gurus to show me what to do about my frustration and obvious inability to stay in this state for more than a few seconds at at time.

After some time, in answer to my prayers, I was given an image of a string of pearls which was only half strung. As I watched it and questioned its meaning in my mind, I noticed a beautiful pearl being added to the string. Then the words came to me so clearly: “This one pearl represents one of those little moments of bliss. You are stringing your necklace of self-realization, one moment of bliss at a time. As they accumulate, you are being absolutely changed forever.” This, I now believe with all my heart and soul, is a true answer to your and all devotee’s frustrations over this matter.

So what to do? Keep doing what you are doing! It is obviously working. And strive to meditate with more devotion and the attitude of non-attachment. No matter what happens or does not happen in meditation, try to develop the faith that you are being guided and blessed at all times, even when it doesn’t feel exactly the way you hope that it will. Love God and offer your body, mind, heart, and soul, without reservation, into the ray of grace which is being given to you now.

Be grateful for all you are receiving. You’ll find, with time and an attitude of never giving up, that your body and mind accustom themselves to higher states of consciousness — and then someday you have them with you always. Meanwhile, know that there is great joy in the journey, all along the way. And what more important and effective things than meditation and attunement with the Divine could you be doing for your own well-being anyway? Pray, trust, and press forward!

Blessings and joy to you always, Savitri