Staying Positive in a Difficult Job


Few days back, I was told about a possible threat to my job and to mitigate this threat, I have been trfd to another dept. However, the job content is not something I enjoy and hence am not happy though I do not have a choice. I am trying my best to remain +ve and have asked PY and Sw Kriyananda for help mentally. However, given my previous disposition, it is easy for me to get into a -ve mindset. I cannot afford to lose my job due to financial commitments. I need your guidance and prayers

—Nair, India


Dear Nair,

I’m sorry to hear about your challenges. It’s very good that you are reaching out for help. We are never alone in this world: Divine Mother is always with us, in our hearts, silently calling and comforting.

You have come upon the best solution: try to stay positive. In Affirmations for Self-Healing, Swami Kriyananda writes:

As we think, so we become. And as we think, so our lives and circumstances become also. From the divine consciousness come answers to all our questions, and solutions to all our problems. It is in lower consciousness that confusion reigns.

Think positively in everything you do, for in that way you help to attune yourself to the divine flow. One who is inwardly in tune with grace finds all things harmonious and beneficial being attracted to him. Positive thinking, combined with the sense of divine attunement, is never presumptuous, for it draws its power, not from the ego, but from the consciousness of God’s joy within.

And he gives this affirmation:

My outer life is a reflection of my inner thoughts. Filled with the joy of God, I express His joy and harmony in everything I do.

and prayer:

Problems cannot exist, Lord, whenever Thou art near. Give me strength always to hold Thee in my heart.

Repeat this affirmation throughout the day if it inspires you, or find another affirmation. You can also write your own affirmation. As a child of God, you have a right to a proper job, and abundance. Your consistently positive attitude will attract that to you.

We are praying for you, Nair.