Sticking to a meditation routine


I am having a problem keeping to my meditation routines. It seems like something is always getting in the way. I have total faith in the teachings, practice my devotions, know I am being guided by Divine Mother, reading the books, etc. But when it comes time to meditate, I can't seem to stick to a routine. I have joyful meditations usually, although not always as deep as I would like. Can you give me suggestions on what I should do? I've tried will power, but it's not working. Thank you

—Nancy, United States


Dear Nancy,

Creating a strong meditation routine is often a very difficult thing for people to do. I know it was true when I first began to meditate. But I never gave up – this is important!

Here are a few suggestions:

Perhaps you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself about how long you meditate. 5 minutes a day is infinitely better than nothing at all.

Set a realistic minimum and stick to it no matter what. Put it in your daily planner.

Even if you don’t meditate, make it a priority to go and sit there anyway for at least 5 minutes. It’s called “Keeping Your Appointment with God.”

Try to make it at the same time and place every day. Do you have a meditation altar? Very important to have one!

Best time is when you first get up. Do the minimum, such as go to the bathroom, wash your face, brush your teeth – don’t ANYTHING else. Otherwise, the day will step in and grab your energy for other things.

Do this without fail until the habit is there in place. 5 minutes will not kill you and soon you’ll want more. Just hold a small, daily space for meditation!

If you miss it, just say “I have not yet succeeded” and pick it up again tomorrow. Pray for help with this process.

Swami Kriyananda often says that meditation is like our “mental hygiene.” We probably wouldn’t think of not brushing our teeth – that is simple physical hygiene. Meditation is similar and very much needed for a happy life.

Are you doing the Energization Exercises daily? Often we don’t meditate because our energy is not moving in the right direction. Try this!

Other suggestions: Find others to meditate with, if possible once a week. This will re-inspire you to keep going with your daily practices.

Stay inspired! When you find your inspiration level dropping, it’s time for some form of CPR (a “constant process of re-inspiration”). Meditate with other, go to a meditation retreat or class, read a book on it, listen to an inspiring tape, talk to somebody who loves it and does it a lot, etc.

Many blessings to you!