Hello Swami, Yesterday evening when I was meditating I had a strange feeling. I really don’t know how to explain in words. I felt that I was almost about to burst (l felt a strong light has surrounded me). I got sustained in it for a few seconds and then suddenly I came back to my normal state. I am really waiting for your reply.

—Sreeni, Uae


Dear Sreeni,

What you are describing is similar to many types of phenomena and unusual experiences, which can happen for a sincere meditator. These may feel to you as weird meditation experiences but it is nothing to be concerned or troubled about. It simply shows that spiritual energy and light are moving more strongly through you now, due to your continuing efforts to meditate deeply. This is a good thing!

The best thing to do when experiences like this happen is to pause in your meditation and pray to God and Gurus to guide you. Ask if there is anything specific you need to learn from the experience. Then continue to meditate. Often you’ll receive an answer during the quiet time at the close of your meditation or at some later time. But even if no specific answer comes to you, realize that it is very beneficial to stay “in tune” with the Divine Source at all times through prayer.

Otherwise, keep asking for help and guidance as you continue to meditate, and it will surely come to you.

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