What do my strange meditation experiences mean?


Hi, a couple days ago I had quite the experience. Usually before going to sleep I meditate, while I was doing this I started to feel the beginning stages of the "out of body". I told myself that I was just too tired and wanted to go to sleep, then I had a ray of golden light surround mainly my head and golden orbs were flying in to my head and with each orb I can feel a rush of energy go through my spine. What does this mean?

—dodge, usa


Dear Dodge,

These types of experiences indicate that you are likely tuning into the subtle astral realms of light and energy.

As we go deeper in our awareness, often the inner obstacles are released, which then allow these experiences to come to us. Enjoy them as gifts from the divine, but then release them back into the divine. Don’t cling to them. Rather, offer yourself into the center of whatever experience is coming to you. Give yourself more completely to God and then the right results will happen in the best possible way in your life.


Nayaswami Pranaba