Strange Sensations in Meditation


I've just finished meditating and I had to stop because the sensations I was feeling were too much for me to handle. It was like my body was ready to burst out of itself, if that makes any sense. Now, let me explain that these weren't negative feelings whatsoever. But my body seemed to be vibrating and "tingling" at such a level that I haven't felt before that it actually made me "antsy" and I wasn't able to concentrate further. Is this normal?

—J, US


Dear J,

It is very difficult to say what is normal and what is not normal in meditation, because everyone’s experiences are different.

I am relatively sure that what you are feeling (body vibrating, tingling feelings, feeling like your body was about to burst out of itself, an “antsy” sensation) is prana (life-force, or conscious, cosmic energy) on the move, purifying you and clearing away all obstacles to your spiritual progress.

This is a very good thing, especially since you say that these were not negative feelings you had.

Another thing to remember is that these sorts of things happen to almost everyone at some time or another during a lifetime of meditation practices. So you are not alone!

If I knew what sort of meditation techniques you were using when this happened, how long you are meditating, how long you have had a meditation practice(a year, a month?) it might allow me to be more specific in answering your question.

But for now, generally speaking, here are a few suggestions:

Pray deeply for help and guidance at the beginning of your meditation.

The instant that anything like this happens again, open your eyes, look at your altar (photo of your guru, or a burning candle, or whatever you have there which uplifts you) and pray again for help and guidance.

Relax and know that these sort of sensations are temporary. After a time, they will pass away – this will be when your physical body becomes used to the larger flows of energy that meditation creates.

Be glad that something is actually happening to show you that you are being purified through your meditations.