Stressed by Parenting and In-Laws


dear expert,

i love your blogs.i am presently married into a family which so very different from mine. it stresses me out totally. i have a beautiful 2 yr old whom i love more than my own life. i take excellent care of her too.however when i get stressed out especially due to inlaws issues, i loose patience with my kid. she becomes the target of my weakness. the result,i feel guilty all the more and undeserving too h

—minismom, india


Dear One,

I understand how stress and impatience can surface, especially when children are young. It is important to make sure you have a way to nuture your inner life so you can ride the waves better. It is the best preventative for stress.

I know that is easier said than done with a husband, in-laws and a child and duties that are 24/7!

I don’t know if you have a meditation practice, do yoga postures or do the energization exercises but if you do any of these soul centering practices hang on to them, even if once a day or once a week! Any amount of inner peace will go a long way during a stressful day.

And keep God in your mind and heart. In whatever form God comes to you call His or Her name……..saying Divine Mother, Divine Mother please be with me. God hears any thought or prayer of the heart.

Then if you become ‘impatient’ with your daughter you will find you will spring back quicker and even have the right words to say to her in apology for being off center. Your daughter will understand and will easily forgive and forget. If you are open with her like that she will help you remember the next time you get impatient with her to think of God and relax.

We can’t so easily get rid of frustration overnite but we can work with it as well as we know how. God or Heavenly Father or Divine Mother will step in and show us new ways to talk with Them, to act and center ourselves.

If you do Yoga Postures or Energize ask your little girl to do them with you…..she would even sit and meditate with you for a short time if you ask her…’because Mommy is doing it’. I teach preschool and I know that children that young enjoy yoga postures and meditation in a this form. I like it because it centers me and the entire class together.

This also deeply connects you and her so your practice is not separate from her. Also, you husband can join in!

Be creative, be kind to yourself because you are doing your best and your daughter and God know it.

And he never gives us more than we can handle but we have to ask for His help and strength and love to be with us!

Let me know how it goes.