Study to Please Him


Hi, my name is Mattia and I've a question for you. I'm a student and I would like to know some tecnics to improve my study. In fact, I have some problems to concentrate and sometime studying becomes boring. How could I make studying more enjoyable? How could I improve it?

—Mattia, italy


Dear Mattia,

Joy to you! Anything you want to improve takes desire, focus and concentration.

Pray for the desire to improve your study habits, your focus and your concentration. Ask God to work through you while you study. And make the time you spend studying a special time for you to commune with the Divine. Offer your studying to God.

Call on Him to reveal His Self to you in the form of learning. Study to learn the lesson, but more importantly, to please Him.

Keep your energy focused at the spiritual eye while you read and, like magic, it may open parts of your brain to new learning.

Remember that God wants us to call on Him for every aspect of our lives. Read a while. Write a while. Think a while. And in between those times, bring your focus back to feeling God’s joy and love. You’ll find that time spent studying will be most enjoyable.

In joy,
Nayaswami Gopal