Subconscious fears


Aum Guru,

I have been using basic meditation techniques from your site for 7 months now and meditate for 30 min daily. Some days when I meditate, I just get the thought from nowhere -'one of my dear one, (usually my daughter) will die' and then this thought simply refuses to go away. I am unable to concentrate. Then I fear that, as I am looking at the centre of my brows, it might just happen as I am affirming it. I want to go deep into meditation and this leaves me very frustrated. Please help.

—Reshmi, U.A.E


Dear Reshmi,

Glad to hear from you and hear that you are wanting to go deep in meditation.

Often fears like these surface while we are meditating. The most important thing to do when this happens is to turn them over to God and Gurus immediately.

When it happens, stop your meditation practices and pray a simple, sincere prayer like: “Divine Master, I don’t know where this these fears coming from, but I am now giving it to you to take care of completely. I give [say the name of your daughter or whoever] into your hands for your protection.” Do this with lots of energy!

Then mentally visualize the person surrounded with a bubble of divine light and ask that the light pour through you to them in blessing and love – not your love, but Divine Love.

After that, go back to your meditation practices. As often as it might happen, go through this process again.

And remember to work on non-attachment. Nothing and no one really belongs to us. Get in the habit, especially before you go to sleep at night, of giving everything and everyone back into God’s hands.