Subconscious vs. Superconscious Dreams


Dear expert,

thanks for the opportunity to ask a question. For a short period I prayed for my dead mother (in a lovely way) so that she, if needed, gets help to "educate" and I if I could I would help her. Days of passionate prayers later, she appeared in a dream to me. She seemed to drown in our sink, so I helped her fast and took her head. In a very annoyed and a bit disgustely way she told me not to disturb her anylonger. Since this I stopped praying.

Was this a sign or "just" a dream? Thxs

—Simon, Germany


Dear Simon,

There may be deep meanings to your dream but I won’t try to address them as I haven’t studied dreams.

What I can say, though, and this may help, is not to try to “educate” your mother through prayers. The energy in this action is possibly what she doesn’t tune into. You might try praying to God or your guru (spiritual teacher) to guide and bless your mother. They will know what she needs better than anyone.

This way, also, you will tune into a higher energy force that if you keep asking their help, will guide you in your daily life. In this way you will release any attachments that hold you from the joy of living for God alone.

Bless you, Seva