How to Succeed in Exams with God’s Help


Last question of mine in 2015! Happy Christmas!! "To gain the deepest knowledge one should focus his gaze through the omniscient spiritual eye." Beloved Paramahansa says this... My JEE (National Level Exam) are in April 2016. I want that small piece of "knowledge" of all I have to study for the Exams. Is it possible to gain that knowledge without reading my books in 3 months. Or should I concentrate on God instead of concentrating on gaining the knowledge of my books?

—Viraj, India


Dear Viraj,

I am glad that you have asked for clarification. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can gain the knowledge only by gazing at the spiritual eye.

You need to make an effort, and study these books. By making an effort, studying the material for the exam, meditating deeply and focusing at the spiritual eye, will help you to align yourself with success. Only extremely highly developed persons have this power of concentration, to gaze at the spiritual eye and get all the answers. The rest of us need to make a more normal effort in each specific area in which we try to succeed.

You might enjoy reading Yogananda’s book How to Be a Success, which you can purchase online. This book will help you understand better how we can be successful in everything we do.

In this book Yogananda wrote: “Along with positive thinking, you must use will power and continuous activity in order to be successful.”

Do your very best in preparing for your exams, by studying the books, and also pray to God and Yoganandaji. When you study, take a break once in a while — meditate and gaze deeply at the spiritual eye, to connect with God. Only when you make the effort will God help you. God helps those who help themselves.

My best wishes to your success in these exams,
Nayaswami Diksha