Swami Kriyananda’s voice


After hearing several of Swami Kriyananda's discourses, I notice that every time I hear one of his discourses, at certain points when he is talking, his voice will start to rise and break, and it almost sounds like he is on the verge of crying. Is this from being overcome by emotion or an actual voice or throat condition?

—james, usa


Dear James,

We are glad to hear that you have been able to tune in to Swami Kriyananda’s recent talks.

And we very much appreciate your concern for his health. No, he does not have a throat or voice condition which makes him sound this way at times during his discourses.

Often when he is speaking these days, particularly of his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, he becomes tearful with the overwhelming divine love he is feeling from him – this is what you are hearing in his voice.