Tamasic to Rajasic Energy


What is the best way to transmute tamas energy (a state of dullness and stagnation) to rajas (action) when outer circumstances are not at all favorable. For instance, a person might desperately want to revive a failed career but under no circumstance manage to arrange for the money required to revive the career. Or maybe after a broken relationship a person might want to move on and for that, a change of place is necessary but he might not be able to do so. Is it advisable to wait for divine timing then?

—Sangita, India


Dear Sangita,

In seemingly impossible situations giving all to the Divine is the best possibly solution. Make Him responsible to help you in your need, whatever it is. You will feel Him liking this, liking to be a conscious part of your life.

In fact, don’t wait until there are impossible situations to ask God for help. When your mind is filled with worries or you’re depressed over difficult situations, the habit patterns are such that it is harder to turn toward the light, even if you remember to do so.

So jump ahead. Banish depressing habits. Always, in everything that you do, turn to the Divine. Talk to Him all the time thereby developing a strong habit of being in the light. Then when adversity strikes, your habit will be to immediately give everything to the Divine. Placed in His hands know that all will come out for the best.

Thank Him even for bringing adversity to you so that with His help, you can rid yourself of the karma keeping you from Him.

To keep God’s presence also read spiritual books, do affirmations, serve and pray for others. Working toward something higher than your thoughts will bring you much relief.

Joy to you, Seva