The Technique of Healing Prayer


Hi Dear Ananda Members,

I‘m happy I found this site. I just saw videos of Mary Kretzmann and I’m very interested in sending energy to my father who is going through a difficult time. Very recently I have started to meditate, so I find it a little difficult this technique of prayer. Especially if it is a family, because emotions do not help me. How I can improve this? And finally, will you be able to help my family and send energy, while I learn? Thank you very much.

—Marcela, Santiago of Chile


Thank you for your question. Yes — you are right. When someone in your own family is going through something, it can be difficult to pray deeply, because it may awaken your emotions of fear or sadness. That is why it is important to ask others to pray with you.

We can help you pray for your father; you can submit a prayer request here. I think part of the problem is that you feel all of the responsibility to help your father is upon your shoulders. Remember that he is God’s child. When you know that we are praying with you, I feel that your own heart will relax and you will begin to feel some of Divine Mother’s healing grace flowing through you.

And please do continue to pray for your father using the Divine Mother healing prayer technique. ( You can find many healing resources here, translated into Spanish.) Even though it is important to ask others to pray, it is also very good for you to pray. Simply do this prayer — for it only takes a few minutes. When you say the words to Divine Mother Prayer, and then chant AUM three times, it gives you something positive and helpful to do for your father. I think you have been worried it is not “enough” — and that is why it is good to ask for help. But he is also helped by your prayers, too, for you are his daughter. That makes your efforts on his behalf very precious.

And your own soul is helped by your prayers for him, as well, for if nothing else, your prayers express compassion for him and his situation right now. When you do the Divine Mother Prayer, think of her Compassion, and how She loves us, even if we have erred in life. She doesn’t love the errors — She loves us, and wants to help us. Think of this when you pray for him.