The Art of Money Management


I want to create a budget that allows for comfortable, yet modest living, and have money aside for savings, retirement, tithing, etc, but wanted to know if there were any lessons offered by Master or Ananda teachers on how to manage money in our very money-centered world.

—Aruna, USA


Dear Aruna,

Thank you for this very relevant question in these times in which we live.

One piece of advice Yogananda gave on budgeting is, “You should use one-fourth of your income on plain living, save three-fourths, and be at ease in your mind with a feeling of future security.” His advice may be difficult to follow, but it provides a guideline. (This is from How to Be Happy All the Time, Chapter 5: “Simplicity is the Key”, which you may want to consider reading if you haven’t already.)

If you want to expand on the subject, consider Swamiji’s course, Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles: Little-known Secrets of Prosperity, now available as an on-line course. Lesson Two: How to Magnetize Money, is available for free.

Good luck, Aruna!