The Awakening of Kundalini


hello all. i was wondering if you could help me understand a couple of things

- when you see the light of the spiritual eye in meditation, does is mean that your kundalini has raised up to the 6th chakra (ajna)?

- do you get liberated from physical reincarnation when your kundalini reaches the 7th chakra (sahasrara)?

—livehho, CR


Dear Livehho,

When you see the light of the spiritual eye in meditation, it is a good sign that the kundalini is being awakened and starting to be lifted up through the chakras to the spiritual eye (6th chakra).

However, it does not necessarily mean that this is a permanent state.

The awakening of the kundalini is a gradual process of preparing for the more permanent state of enlightenment and eventually final liberation.

In other words, you may see the spiritual eye at times when you are meditating, but you may not see it regularly and sometimes not at all. Either way, the kundalini may be “stirring” or sending “advanced scouts” up the spine, clearing the way for that final merging.

This process may go on for a long time before all the chakras are purified and the energy is completely centered in the 6th chakra.

At that point, spiritual enlightenment or superconsciousness is achieved (“Sabikalpa Samadhi”).

Even this state, however, does not mean that final liberation (“Nirbikalpa Samadhi”) and the opening of the 7th chakra have been achieved yet.

That final state certainly will come at some point and will offer complete freedom from any future incarnations, physical or otherwise – unless one chooses to return to help those left behind, as the great Masters do.