The “Curiosities” of the Meditative World


I've been trying meditation a lot recently after going to a healing weekend in which 5 people different people told me that I should try to open up my third eye as it is very strong...

Anyway recently every night before going to sleep I get strong shivers until I acknowledge that there is someone there, sometimes I get vibrations in my right hand and I can see speckles of what looks like energy in the room.

—Dan, United Kingdom


Dear Dan,

Keep meditating! Try to concentrate deeply on the third eye, which is the best way to open it. Whatever the effects you get, don’t stop there. The “someone” whom meditation wants to make you feel is the Eternal Divine Presence.

The shivers should in time become divine bliss. The vibrations in your right hand still take you outward. Try to take it inward and feel them ever more as energy in the spine. The speckles of light in the room, try to see them inwardly, when your eyes are uplifted and closed.

In other words, keep going. But don’t stop at any outer phenomena, which would be like getting entranced in the garden of the palace, without ever reaching the palace itself, where the glorious King lives. Go to the Divine, in the spine and in the spiritual eye. Pray, if you feel to. In this way you won’t get lost in the “curiosities” of the meditative world, but will go to the Goal of goals. Nothing else will satisfy our seeking soul for long.

May you ever keep progressing. “Evolution never ends, until you reach endlessness,” Yogananda taught.

In meditative friendship, jayadev