The Inner Kingdom


For nearly 1yr I have been getting vibrations at the third eye region due to vipasana practice for 7 years. Joined Ananda 6 months back and have been practicing Hun-Saw. For nearly 2 mnths now, as soon as I sit focusing attension at the third eye region, my forehead muscles gets pulled upwords, breath stops and becomes very shallow, and there are strong jerks from the bottom of the spine as if some thing is trying to come up. is this common? how to overcome this? Is this a medical problem?

—Shibu, India


Dear Shibu,

When we meditate, we are taking a journey, similar to visiting a different country. If you visit Agra, for example, you expect to see the Taj Mahal and many other fascinating things which are special to Agra.

In meditation, we are visiting our inner kingdom, and it is to be expected that the breath will become shallow and sometimes cease to move, that we will feel pleasant sensations at the spiritual eye, and that the energy which we normally use to perceive and live in the world will become redirected into the spiritual body.

The railroad track of this energy, so to speak, is the deep spine, and it is not uncommon to feel a movement of energy there, starting at the base and eventually moving upwards.

As you continue and deepen your practice, the inward journey will become smoother and more enjoyable. The Hong (not Hun) Saw mantra works on a deep level to balance the inner energy flow, and if you continue on and receive Kriya initiation, you will have even more possibilities of directing the inner energy flow upwards to the spiritual eye, which will open and take you to even higher states of consciousness.

Best of luck to you, and if you can, connect with the Ananda Sangha in India.

In joyful friendship,