The law of karma



had a question to the masters..

I understand law of karma to some extent..

could someone help me understand what was the intention in bringing this circle of life; what is that "the unknown" trying to achieve; how did the initial members at different stages of metamorphis progression get identified..

joy to you..

Thank You

—Subu, India


Dear Subu,

Our souls are on a journey to realize our oneness with God. The law of karma was created to help us learn the pain in expressing selfishness, and the joy of expressing divine love – to speed us to Self-realization.

Our little brains are really not designed to understand much more of the law of Karma. We can say certain things intellectually, but God is so much greater than the intellect. The only way to know Him or to understand how He operates is through love.

Seek to love God more deeply in your life, through meditation, prayer, talking to Him, and striving to feel His presence with you at all times.

You can gain help in these things through some of the many articles, talks by Swami Kriyananda, Ananda Sunday Service talks, and more, which are available on

In divine friendship,