The Meaning of a Vision


Hi, and first of all thank you for this wonderful site and community.

I am not looking to be distracted by phenomena, but I did have a strange and unexpected yet wonderful experience.

After practicing Hong Sau and then followed by the OM, During which I saw a vision of a woman with several arms and some kind of head dress, she was made up of blue, violet and gold light. The feeling was overwhelming but felt very natural. Does this have a significance of any kind? With many thanks.

—Marcus , England


Dear Marcus,

You are most welcome and we appreciate your thanks for our website and for the Ananda worldwide community!

It is good that you are not looking to be distracted by phenomena. So many meditators are!

On the other hand, sometimes these things can be gifts to encourage us along the way. That is certainly what your vision sounds like to me!

As you may know, there are goddess figures from the Hindu path who are depicted as having many arms. We are told that these arms are symbols of aspects of the different ways the Divine can manifest in our lives. (If you want to go into this subject in more detail, I do suggest that you read Swami Kriyananda’s book The Hindu Way of Awakening.)

So this was probably a deep blessing for you from Kali, Durga, or some other feminine aspect of God. The colors are a good sign too, being the colors of the spiritual eye.

What to do now? Say a prayer of gratitude to God and Gurus for this lovely gift. Ask if there is anything else you should understand or do about it. I suspect not, other than to relax and enjoy the blessing.