The Need for Love


We all want to be loved. Is this a desire of the heart or of the ego?

—karin, US


Dear Karin,

A very good question. This is a question that everyone is seeking an answer for. We are all seeking happiness in our lives and being loved is a big part of that.

Yogananda tells us that all is consciousness; we are a part of that consciousness. Therefore, I’ve come to think of everything as a part of myself already. Love is a part of me, so to speak. It is a part of my ego and my soul given to me through this consciousness, or through God, or through the guru. If you do not know yourself, nor understand this truth for yourself, you will see love as a desire, something you need and want, something outside yourself that will make you happy.

Only in looking inside yourself, through meditation with a guru’s help, can you evenually know in your deep Self, that love comes from within you, as it is a part of you already.

To bring out this love, not only call to God and/or guru to help make this manifest, but also give this love to everyone you meet. For in loving, your inner self will grow and feed not only yourself but all around you. Everyone is a part of this consciousness also and to see them as that, you will be in joy.

Bless you,