The Path of Sincere Yogis


I know Paramhansa Yogananda said only sincere yogis in past lives are attracted to kriya yoga path. Is the same true that only lucky ones or divinely blessed get a chance to read Autobiography of a Yogi or is it just my personal thinking?



Dear K,

The Kriya Yoga path is not easy. To really do Kriya well the yogi needs to be totally immersed, freeing himself of all ego desires. This is not easy to do unless the yogi has been doing spiritual practices, probably for many lives.

Yogananda told Swami Kriyananda that it takes many life-times on the spiritual path to attain final liberation.

The Autobiography of a Yogi is available to all. It is in all the bookstores and now on-line. Anyone can read it.

But consider, would all want to?

I’ve known people who have this book on their bookshelves, but have never read it.

I can’t think of these people or those who haven’t even picked up the book as lucky or unlucky.

They are just not ready or wanting these teachings yet.

If you are ready for this priceless book, dive deep into it. Take Kriya initiation and practice it. Send blessings and love to all people whether on the spiritual path or not.

We are all part of this great dream of God.

Joy to you,