The Quest for Love


respected teachers

pls advise me how to come out of problems in my life.

how to get advise or help from spritual masters, i have sufferd a lot in life, there are too many problems and i feel exhausted just thinking about them. i have become too low in self confidence, what ever i do has not succeded, if possible can all of you pray for me, i just want to meet a master who will guide me truly and love me what iam, life seems so life less and every thing is just mechanical with out any joy in it

—manohar, India


Dear Manohar,

This is not really a question but the condition of life for all of us who are seeking love and happiness. We find that the world does not really give this to us and find that only by tuning into God can we have bliss.

Swami Kriyananda talks a great deal about karma and how it affects our current lives. What you are describing seems to be coming from your past karma, conditions you created in past lives. Only through following a guru, such as Paramhansa Yogananda, and through strongly following a spiritual path, can you finally burn up that old karma.

Until you do find your spiritual path and your guru, keep a strong affirmation of being loving and joyful to all. See the Divine in each person (and in yourself) so that no matter what happens to you, you will affirm that all comes from the Divine. See Him directing your life. Be kind to all you meet while conversing with God in your heart. You can only succeed in the end.

Joy to you,