Tips for Experiencing the Spiritual Eye


I often feel a problem in gazing at the spiritual eye; during the practice of the Hong-Sau technique my gaze often moves towards the movement of the breath. I also find problems in sighting a source of light from the spiritual eye. Please help with my problems.

—Sudip, India


Dear Sudip,

To clarify the Hong-Sau technique: the mental gaze should be at the spiritual eye, whereas your awareness, or primary focus, should be on wherever the breath is most apparent to you. The spiritual eye is like a home you always come back to. The focus of watching the breath helps to deepen your concentration. Eventually as you go deeper into the technique you experience the breath flowing in and out of the spiritual eye. And then, ultimately, you find yourself merging into the spiritual eye, with the breath very calm (or even completely stilled).

It’s helpful to train yourself during the day, to keep your awareness more at the spiritual eye, no matter what activity you are involved in. This will allow you to be naturally more inclined to feel a magnetic presence at that point.

It’s also good to use visualizations such as Yogananda’s “Expanding Sphere of Light and Joy” from Metaphysical Meditations, which can be a dynamic support in experiencing the spiritual eye.

Seeing the inner light (jyoti) of the spiritual eye is something we long for. However, leave that up to Divine Mother. Our role is to be as pure as we can be in our offering — through the techniques, through devotion, through our attunement. Be open to perceiving that inner light, but at the same time release all expectations. A challenge indeed, but as you continue in your efforts, this challenge is one that will bring you ever nearer to your home in God.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba