The World Needs Your Positive Energy!


How does one stay positive with all the tragedies, violence, pollution on the earth, big corporations controlled by greed which are bankrupting so many individuals, etc. etc??

—Janice, USA


Dear Janice,

Yours is a practical question, and I very much understand you.

There is a lot of tragedies going on, and unfortunately it seems that they will increase on our planet. This world is a battlefield between forces of light and dark. The stronger the dark side makes itself felt, with all it’s injustices etc., the more important it is that we resist with positive energy.

By giving in to negativity and hopelessness we make the situation worse. But by reacting with added positivity, determined justice, love, goodness, we help the world, giving weight to the positive side of the scale.

People who are positive just because they wear rose-colored glasses are not really strong, wise, or admirable. But people who see all that injustice, violence, darkness, and become positive as a reaction can become heroes. And this is what the world needs, now and in our future.

Here is a good affirmation from Yogananda (we need to affirm things which don’t come easily): “Today I know I am the light of goodness. I am a lighthouse for souls ship-wrecked on the sea of sorrow.”

God bless you with determined positivity and love,