Opening the Spiritual Eye


My sister opened her third eye six months ago and it has been terrible for her. Since then she sees indigo and a black eye in the middle. Sometimes its just the indigo. She wants to get rid of it because it is affecting her nerves. What is she seeing and how does she do this? Thanks

—Julie, Australia



I assume that this occurred to your sister as a result of meditation?

And, that its appearance is only during meditation?

It is possible for this to occur outside of meditation and even with eyes open during normal activities, though that is rather unusual, especially for one who does NOT meditate.

So assuming she is having this experience IN meditation, and assuming she wants to continue meditation then…….

1. What she is experiencing would normally be considered a wonderful and helpful thing.

2. Ordinarily one would focus deeply upon the experience offering oneself into the experience with devotion.

3. Yes, the spiritual eye can assume various forms including what you’ve described. Even though it is typically described as 3 concentric circles (gold/yellow; deep blue or indigo; and a 5 pointed star in the center), it by no means conforms to that description, shape, or color.

So, continuing to assume your sister is a meditator, I would encourage her to see the “cup of her meditation as half full,” not half empty! Here are some thoughts:

1. Enter into meditation with devotion and self offering. Pray for guidance and insight into the experience and how to relate to it.

2. If the spiritual eye appears simply observe and gaze at it calmly. Thus preparing for meditation with yoga postures or other exercises such as the Energization Exercises; chanting; breath control techniques, becomes an essential preparation.

3. In the calm observation of the spiritual eye, mentally call upon Divine Guidance from God or Guru.

4. If one feels a divine response and sense of protection and there’s no fear or concern regarding one’s spiritual or mental safety, experiment with entering into a “relationship”with the spiritual eye by either allowing it to infuse one or by offering oneself into it.

I think that’s as far as I dare go being as I do not have a more complete understanding of how this arose; under what circumstances it takes place; nor yet anything about your sister’s state of mind, practice of meditation, and the like.

As a final counter point, let me say that if your sister is fearful for her own well being, then she may wish to cease meditation practices for a time. Or, only do these with eyes open; or, never in a darkened room. She may want to stick with yoga postures or other aspects of yoga or meditation that do not induce the experience she is finding threatening.

Always ask for grace and guidance in all such matters. Use also common sense and trust (to a point) your intuition. Naturally if there’s someone closer who she trusts in such matters she should seek direct counsel.

I hope for her, then, the best and deepest in guidance and inspiration!

Blessings to you both,

Nayaswami Hriman