I have been meditating for about a year. Basically since my meditation I have been feeling a constant tingling in my body, it feels as if my actions are a lot slower and I am more aware. This tingling won’t leave so I’m making sure it’s okay, right?

—Andy Salgado, America


Andy, may I assume that this tingling sensation continues during your waking activities, and not just during meditation?

The experience of a tingling sensation is not at all uncommon in the practice of yoga and pranayam and meditation, though to have it all the time is a bit unusual (you didn’t say exactly how long, however).

I would say that tingling after meditation is a reflection of the subtle energy of the body (both physical and astral), and thus a manifestation of prana, presumably awakened by your yogic practices.

As such, it likely has no intrinsic significance, or, from your note, at least none has been intuitively revealed to you. If you find it disturbing during daily activities, or, even perhaps distracting to the point of potentially causing an accident, I suggest tensing the whole body with the “”double breath” (do you know that technique?).

I say this not because there’s anything “wrong” or harmful, but unless you are receiving a blissful uplifted state as a result of it, it would not seem to be all that helpful spiritually speaking.

If this does in fact inspire and uplift you, I would say remain centered and nonattached to it. See it as divine grace and presence and know that it can disappear at any moment and perhaps never return. So treat it with reverence and inwardness. See if you can go about your duties in a calm, focused manner even while enjoying the beatitutde of its presence.

It is generally best not to talk about these things idly to those with no experience or interest in meditation or the spiritual path. Nor is it helpful to get all excited about it or to imagine yourself somehow more highly advanced spiritually because of it. It simply is.

So, unless it is disturbing to you, calmly experience it and view it, for now, as prana: intelligent, benign, and divine! Therefore commune with it with reverence. Ask God, Christ or Master’s to reveal how you should relate to it and whether it is truly divine grace.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Hriman

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