Tips for Becoming Less Introverted


I always stay at home. I have lost confident in interacting with people. How do i socialise with people and stop people from saying that i dont talk?

—Kisan, India


Dear Kisan,

Those of us who are naturally introverted have to consciously work at being sociable.

Set yourself a goal of going out every day, even for a few minutes. Then, visit at least one shop or interact in some way with at least one person. Greet the shopkeeper in a friendly way, consciously sending blessings or good wishes. This is a good start.

The shopkeeper may then ask you a question or make a comment. Be sure to look at him/her and reply to it. Smile. Then say goodby courteously and leave.

This is enough at first. Try to keep to your schedule, but if you miss a day, just resume your schedule the next day, don’t give up.

As you gain some confidence, add more things to say.

Telephone someone you know. Before dialing, think of what you will say, perhaps asking a question. If you find this difficult, calm yourself, watch your breath, and ask for higher guidance from your inner Self.

Take a few deep breaths before making the call. After your question has been answered, thank the person in a courteous way.

Get more exercise. Walk to a shop, rather than drive or take other transportation. Exercise is important to raise your inner energy, as well as promoting fitness.

Stand straight and look up slightly. This will project confidence and magnetism. People will respond to you in a more positive way than if you are looking down, or slumping.

Although email is certainly wonderful and allows much more interaction, it can also encourage isolation if we use it too much.

Try to make a telephone call instead of email at least once in every few days. That way there will be interaction.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Sadhana Devi