The Top 5 Must-Read Books from Ananda


Very Happy New Year to all there! I’m confused by which Ananda books I must buy because going through the list makes me want to buy all of them! Can you please suggest me five important books that are must reads? Also, I don’t know whether I should go for 'Raja Yoga' as I haven’t taken Kriya Initiation. Thank you!

—Kailash, India


Happy New Year to you Kailash!

All the Crystal Clarity books are excellent and I hope over the years that you can read every single one as they each share valuable teachings for the sincere spiritual aspirant. However, the first five I recommend are the following:

1) The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda which is an exact copy of the original publication published in 1946.

2) The New Path by Swami Kriyananda.

3) The classes on the Path to Kriya include the books: Lessons in Meditation, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga and A Handbook on Discipleship. These are all required in preparation for Kriya Yoga initiation through Ananda.

May you feel the extraordinary blessings of grace and truth flowing through these pages and guiding you to liberation!