Tragic Loss


Recently I lost my sister who was on a trek to Himalayan expedition. She was just 44 years old, leaving behind 2 kids, a husband and my mother who is unable to overcome the grief. Why did it happen? Is my sister at peace now? Can I take the responsibilities of my family effectively now? I need spiritual guidance and the strength to take up the challenges ahead. Who is my spiritual master?

—Sowmya s shetty, India


Very sorry for your loss. Thank you for reaching out for comfort and answers. We must all find our way through such circumstances and try to feel hope. Your sister passed doing something that she loved and that gave her additional meaning in life. We can at least be grateful for that. Each of us has a different karma. We are here to learn lessons and when those are completed we are propelled forward. It would be helpful for you and her soul if you reached out to her in love, inwardly spoke to her and sent her blessings on her journey. Because of her love for the family she left behind, her soul will need reassurance that they are well and will find their way. Her soul will be seeking peace around this issue and her sudden departure. You can all help with that by embracing new responsibilities. Take time to celebrate and talk about her life, her inspirations, her aspirations. I am including  a link to the Astral Ascension Ceremony by Swami Kriyananda to be read at the departure of a soul. It may be of help to you all. Inwardly ask to be directed to your teacher/guru. When the disciple is ready, God gives us this most sacred relationship as the vehicle of His grace and all understanding.