Transforming “Useless” Thoughts and Fear Thoughts


My question may be very basic, I have lots of things in my heads in which almost 90% percent are useless thoughts. I have a fear in me, always thinking something bad might happen and I have not been able to fully utilize my strength... I know this but I still go the other way. Is it possible that through meditation I can increase my concentration on a particular thing, avoid unwanted fears and also start to have a spiritual life and at the same time I am with my family?

—shyam, india


Dear Shyam,

Yes, meditation will increase your concentration and will purify your mind. And yes, through increased concentration you will be able to better control your mental processes.

Meditation will give you strength that comes from within, from your soul. And yes, absolutely you can meditate, starting your spiritual life, and at the same time be with your family. Most Ananda members are married, and many have children too.

In meditation go for quality first, not for quantity. Meditate every day 15-20 minutes, and try to really concentrate.

Don’t get discouraged if many thoughts still enter your meditation. That’s just normal. Simply do your best. It will get better in time.

Then in daily life try to be fully focused on whatever you do. Practice concentration in every action, as much as you can. In this way all these useless thoughts will have less power over you.

Among all the useless thoughts (we all have them, as there are thousands of thoughts in our brain every day) there are some strong ones, our strong-habit-thoughts. In your case it is fear.

Specifically for overcoming fear (which as you correctly say doesn’t allow you to fully utilize your strength), it would be good to use a powerful affirmation, repeating it daily, with intensity and feeling. It is like a scale: on one side of it there is the weight of the habit of fear, which has received thousands of thoughts. Now you will be putting the weight of courage on the other side of the scale.

If you do your affirmation regularly, the weight will tip over to the courage side. Try it, and after each affirmation ask God in a prayer to help you in your efforts.

Here is a possible affirmation, taken from a longer one from Yogananda:

“I am brave, I am strong.

Perfume of success thought

Blows in me, blows in me.

I command Thee, o attention,

To come and practice concentration

On things I do, on works I do.

I can do everything

When so I think, when so I think.”

May your inner power grow. I wish you all the best for your start of the spiritual life. God bless you and your family,