Transmutation of Sexual Energy


Swamiji, while explaining the ice bag technique for transmutation of sex energy , states not to use it during the time of actual sexual excitation. Kindly explain why this is so.

To my mind during excitation the energy is already aroused and can be channeled up easily. There would be no danger of spilling as the coolness of ice would only help to calm down the matters! Please also explain if practiced during normal times how is cold ice stimulating to the sex energy. How can it awaken energy to transmute it?

—sumit saini, india


Dear Friend,

The primary reason for not using this technique when aroused is that any further touch sensation is runs the risk of increasing arousal. While it is true that the cold sensation “ought” to mitigate arousal, this is by no means going to always be the case. Moreover, one does not want to create a longer term subconscious association between the effort for transmutation with the fact of sexual arousal.

When used in meditation from time to time as a long term transmutation technique the cold sensation has little risk of sexual arousal. The technique when used in the way prescribed stimulates the life force to go inward where, combined with devotion, and the effort to draw the energy upward to the spiritual eye through the chakra(s) and subtle spine will have maximum effect without having to overcome already stimulated sexual arousal.

What you ask, therefore, seems logical but when dealing with energy (prana) which is inextricably linked with feeling, one has to honor the power, quality, and force of prana and feeling (including lower chakra emotions) first and foremost. Logic and the intellect have little to say in such matters (for most people).


Nayaswami Hriman