How Do I Transmute Sexual Desire into Devotion?


How can I be free of lust? How can I convert this energy of lust into divine love? Why is it that this energy cannot stop? This energy corrupts my mind to lustful thoughts. I WANT TO BE FREE OF this problem so that I experience no problem in the spiritual path.

—Roby, india


Dear Roby,

You are dealing with one of the greatest challenges on the spiritual path — but it is also the greatest opportunity. The energy that is manifesting as lust is the same energy that will give you liberation. Yogananda said our emotions were like “rocket fuel.” When we are troubled by lust our rocket fuel is focused downward in the spine. When we develop devotion and practice Kriya Yoga our rocket fuel is focused upward in the spine.

Do not condemn your behavior or think it unfair. Those thoughts will only prevent you from the real work of transmutation. Do not think of your sexual desire as a particular kind of energy. It is just energy. Through habit and conditioning your energy is flowing toward the sex organs. Here are some things you can do to redirect your energy to higher fulfillment:

1. Exercise regularly. It will free blocked energy.

2. Maintain a diet that promotes thorough elimination. A constipated bowel irritates and stimulates the sex nerves.

3. Avoid sexually suggestive magazines, movies, and internet sites.

4. Develop a regular devotional practice. Chant. Pray. Awaken the heart’s love for God with great determination.

5. Practice Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga draws energy directly up the spine into the brain, away from the sex organs, and toward the spiritual eye.

Be patient and kind to yourself. You will have times when you feel like you are making progress — and you will likely have times when you feel as if you are getting nowhere. Do not give up. Do not feel that you are not spiritual because you feel sexual desire or act on sexual desire. If you remain set on your goal, no matter what set backs you may experience, you will not only prevail over your unwanted lust, but you will begin to experience an inner joy that is far sweeter, and far more lasting, than anything the you can experience through the senses.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie