The Nature of Truth


Hello!! Happy New Year!!

It is Truth, Truth and truth alone which is our true and eternal friend and well-wisher. Om!!

I read this on a friend’s face book page. What exactly is this truth comprised of?

—Sangita, India


Dear Sangita, Happy New Year!

God has many names, Truth being one of them, just like Love or Spirit. He is beyond human conception and definition, but can be described as Absolute Final Truth.

An atheist may declare, “Truth is my God”, by which he means any worldly fact, any human, scientific, or social truth, which he follows with determination. But when Truth is an “Eternal Well-Wisher,” then we are talking about a Conscious Being who can respond, with whom we can commune.

This Conscious Being is comprised of three attributes, SAT-CHIT-ANANDA: absolute Existence, absolute Consciousness, absolute Bliss. Yogananda’s translated it as ever existing, ever conscious, ever new Bliss. It is the final Truth behind all appearances, the Essence and Truth out of which all creation was born. Apart from that Truth, everything is “false”, meaning not really true. Nothing you see with your eyes is Truth. This includes my words written here, which by definition can’t be Truth.

So you may merrily laugh at all I wrote, and sit down to meditate, since that is the only way to ever understand Truth.

Wishing you big inner steps toward Truth, Who is your Eternal Friend, Jayadev