Should I Try To Communicate With This Spirit?


I was trying to have a lucid dream last night. While I was in the middle state between asleep and awake, I heard a girl’s voice whisper in my ear say "you promised me your soul." I awoke instantly but I kept my eyes shut; I was terrified. Then I got this feeling that someone was standing right in front of me but when I opened my eyes there was nothing. When I checked the time it was 3:04 am. Should I be worried? I read that most spirits don’t mean harm so should I try to communicate with her/it?

—Gabriel Rivera, United States


Dear Gabriel,

There is a “middle state between sleep and awake” (between subconscious and conscious) which is superconsciousness. If you are a yogi, this is the state which you should strive for. The experience you describe doesn’t feel superconscious. Superconsciousness never terrifies.

I don’t know if what you experienced was real, or if it was the product of the subconscious mind, which can appear 100% real. If that spirit-girl indeed was real, it still doesn’t mean she is very special. We all become ghosts at death (to use Yogananda’s description), meaning disincarnate: every common person does. So why not meet your neighbour, why go for any ghost?

The fact that she said, “you promised me your soul” doesn’t sound like a advanced or wise soul, but rather an attached (deluded) one. Your soul does not belong to her, but to God alone. Everyone else we will have to leave sooner or later. Nobody is ours.

So no, I wouldn’t try to communicate with her. Nor would I worry. Instead, I would try to raise my consciousness through meditation, because only from a high inner state can one attract high souls to us. This is a law of magnetism which Swami Kriyananda explains in his book, How To be A Channel. You might find it interesting.

All the best on your inward journey,