Tuning in to God’s Will



I am a novice in meditation; I am finding it very difficult to know God's will. I tried to concentrate on the spiritual eye, but still it is very confusing. Kindly help.

Thank you!

—A, India


Dear friend,

Knowing God’s will is something we gradually become more attuned to. Developing our intuition is an important way that we can do this. And, intuition is developed by sitting in the silence at the end of techniques during our meditation practice.

Once we’ve dived deep with the techniques of meditation we should be sure to be in that absorption phase that allows us to “feel” more of God’s presence.

As for concentrating at the spiritual eye, be sure to be relaxed and not have any tension. Approach the spiritual eye as if it was a positive magnet that was naturally drawing your awareness up to that point and then expanding out into infinity.

Try also to have your awareness at the spiritual eye throughout the day; feel as if your gaze is through that point. You can also feel that you are speaking through the spiritual eye and even eating your food! You can experiment and find what works best for you so your orientation is more and more through the spiritual eye.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba